• Omri Almagor

We've been Sprudged!

The Matrix Shower Screen for the E61 groups (and compatible) has been nominated by Sprudge for Best New Product 2021!

We're honored and thankful!

If you'd like to get a batch from the next stock, visit:

For single units, there are many outlets:

Sadly, some of our other projects didn't receive the same honor. We will try harder next year.

Check out 1st Crack weekly comics on Barista Magazine's IG (Farsi, Italian, Spanish version also post weekly).

Or order the 2nd Crack bi-annually comics magazine at BM's website.

Also FuoriHost didn't make the cut. Our pilot community event, feeding of and into Host Milano was a huge success and made everyone's Host a bit shinier and tastier. It will return in November 2022!

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