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Extracting the essence of nature

Nature has it all. Inside almost every leaf, flower, tree or fungus there’s an endless variety of colors, flavors, smells, and active ingredients which immensely beneficial to the organism.

The Keiko extraction machine offers a simple and practical solution to extract any natural ingredient with a water-based solvent within minutes and from the comfort of your own home. A small amount of any grounded herb is enough to produce a deep extraction, rich in active ingredients.

The simplicity of herbal products gives consumers the option of being self-sufficient, catering to one’s individual consumption without having to rely on industrial brands or retailers thus also avoiding overproduction and waste, but the lack of easy-to-manage equipment has so far prevented this from happening.


How does the Keiko work? Extraction made simple

The goal of Del-C has always been to make a machine that is extremely easy to use - one that requires no training or prior know-how.

* Fill the removable extraction chamber with grounded material.

* Place a solvent ampoule, the extraction chamber, and the receptive cup in the machine.

* Close the lid, wait a few minutes and it is done.


The extraction process is simple and lasts a few minutes. First the machine prepares the material, breaking down the cell walls and allowing the solvent to permeate into the cells. The second phase sees the material being gradually washed under pressure. The third phase condenses the solution to 10ml (1/3 oz) of a water-based solution.

DALL·E 2022-10-02 22.17.30 - agaricus muscarius extract in a tiny glass cup.png

Want more control? Download our free Keiko Kommunity app

The app allows you to apply special recipes for different herbs, share recipes with our kommunity, receive advice, have special access and discounts to different herb suppliers, attend kommunity events and more. 


Keiko for Cannabis

The number of countries which have legalized Cannabis for medicinal and responsible recreational use is on the rise. At the same time, people have become increasingly aware of the damage caused by smoking and a fast-growing number of cannabis users are looking for smoke-free consumption methods.


The Keiko machine works perfectly for cannabis as it was actually created with cannabis extraction in mind. The machine can fit about 1 gram (0.035 ounces) of grounded cannabis bud, which it then decarboxylates it to release THC, CBD and other active cannabinoids. What you are left with is a highly concentrated solution, rich in terpens, that can then be used directly as drops, mixed with drinks or food, vaped in a wet vape (no PGVG needed) or even used in a medical nebulizer for a quick and measured response. In this way, the effects of the cannabinoids are quickly perceived and can be easily maintained at the required level, without the risk of excessive consumption.


If you appreciate cannabis, but 

dislike smoking? press the image to learn why extracts can make a difference.

Image by Stefan Rodriguez

Keiko for Psychedelics

DALL·E 2022-10-02 22.14.10 - a psilocybin mushroom extract.png
Happy woman

Janet, mid 30, chronic migrane

I had the extract with some juice in the early evening before going out. I can't drink alcohol because of my condition, but I didn't even feel the need! I partied all night!

Professional Man

Lin, early 40s, suffers from nerve damage

Since I started using the inhaler with your extract, my life changed. It's easy to maintain the pain without getting high. Also, it's completely innocent-looking so I can use it anywhere and anytime.

Basketball Player on Wheelchair

Mauro, 30s, amputee following a car accident

I always lived a healthy life and i really dislike smoking. The extract drops are doing a great job managing the pain and don't give me the numb feeling in my mouth and nose that the pharmacy oils did.

We've been trying the extracts made by Keiko with the help of a group of medical cannabis users.

Samples were used with food, as drops and with a cold inhaler. 

What do our test users think?

Psycho-active herbs and fungi can also be utilized with the Keiko machine. A small amount of dry or fresh herbs, finely grounded, offers a very deep extraction that can be used for simple microdosing with drops or a nebulizer, or to achieve a meditative state. The machine was tested with Pcylocibin mushrooms, Agaricus Muscarius, Ayahuasca and others.


DALL·E 2022-10-02 22.20.53 - zafferano red liquid extract in a tea spoon, poured over a ye
DALL·E 2022-10-14 17.49.06 - green home-made skin cream being applied on a leg by a woman.

Keiko for Drink, Food, Cosmetics and Health-care

Keiko can be used with all kinds of plants, roots, and spices. It is a helpful tool for all herb-lovers as it simplifies the preparation of all sorts of natural medicine or cosmetic product as well as extracts for food and drink. A lavender extract can be blended with Aloe vera gel for a deep moisturizing and anti-inflammatory cream, a deep red oily saffron extract can be used to enrich wintry soups, while chamomille and lemon peel extracts will work wonders for relaxation in your evening tea. Cloves extract provides an effective pain killer, and a dried fruits extract mixed with vaseline makes for the best-ever lip balm.


The Home Cannabrew Revolution Is Coming

The therapeutic benefits of cannabis are often at odds with the best-known methods of consumption – namely smoking and to some extent, vaping.

However, consumption methods are changing as consumers search for better ways to enjoy their personal cannabis experience. On the horizon is the home cannabrew culture – which could fundamentally change modern-day cannabis consumption.


As consumers look for more alternative ways to enjoy cannabinoids, terpene profiles, and the overall consumption experience, we’re seeing big rises in the sale of cannabis edibles, as well as drinkable and inhaleable products. But even as that grows in fully legalized markets, there is an increasing desire from consumers to have ultimate control over their cannabis experience – which comes at a time when people are closer than ever to their buds. All in all, there’s no doubt that we’re on the verge of a home cannabrew revolution.


Well, what is home cannabrew?
Ok, ok, confession time. We’ve sort of made up a word to describe an action as well as a description of a product. But, it’s all for a very good reason. People need easy ways to identify cannabis categories and we truly believe that cannabrew has a bright future. But what is it?


We define cannabrew as the infusion of cannabis directly into a liquid. Simple right? We’re not judgey, and appreciate that everyone’s tastes are different – so providing you’re making a cannabis solution, you’re a member of the club. And it’s a pretty cool club.


The Keiko extraction machine takes a raw, grounded cannabis flower – and through a complicated chemical and mechanical process (which we won’t get into right here) decarboxylates the flower and turns it into a solution that’s infused with cannabinoids and terpenes. What is extracted is very concentrated; so you then have a nice strong soluble cannabis mixture ready.


But what can you use it for? Well because it’s soluble, you can put it in literally any drink. Our personal favorite is obviously Coke, but it totally depends on your own taste as well as when you want to enjoy an infused drink. By that, we mean you’re probably not going to put it into a beer at 9 AM or a coffee at 11 PM – but to each their own.


If drinks don’t do it for you, then cook with your cannabrew. You can infuse absolutely any recipe with a cannabrew at any point of preparation. Whether it’s a wasabi chicken wings night with friends or a cheeky caesar salad on a Saturday afternoon picnic – it’s your choice. And that is the very point of cannabrew. You can bring together your favorite cannabis, with the terpenes and effects you love, and combine it with the food and drink that give you the most pleasure.


Even inhaling can be made healthier. You can replace the burning with a mouth spray, flavored with cinnamon and mint that can be brewed along with the cannabis. You can enjoy a vape without adding propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (PGVG) for that hot puff, full of flavor and THC goodness. Heck, you can even put it in a room humidifier to make a holiday family gathering pass smoothly…


And why is cannabrew so special?

Sure, you can suggest we might be a bit biased, seeing as we make a machine that feeds into this already-growing trend, but we designed our device precisely because home cannabrew is the future. Our history is closely linked to coffee and we’ve seen how fresh, high-quality brews became a part of almost any household, due to the advancement and simplification of technology. The same is going to happen with cannabis, technology will open doors to access and control that consumers haven’t yet experienced.


This could be a big leap in destigmatization as well. Smoking and vaping are steadily becoming uncool in many parts of the Western world and because of all their negative connotations, people who want to drive the adoption and acceptance of cannabis need to promote better ways of having it. Just think about it – it’s much easier to convince someone to have a bite of delicious infused food as their first time with cannabis than ripping a neon skull bong.


Look around other sectors like hospitality, fitness, and well-being. They’re building on the momentum of consumer empowerment – more choice, more personalization, more control. People don’t want to depend on commercial products – they’re expensive, processed, and boring. Cannabis lovers want to learn what is best for them while experimenting with a hobby they’re passionate about. Home cannabrew delivers on all of that and we can’t wait for you to try it.

Words - Jamie Bonthron, Thermidor


Talking cannabis extraction with Cannabeat radio! 

I am honored and thankful to Cannabeat radio in Milan for hosting me and giving me the stage to discuss cannabis extraction. broadcasts fun reggae music peppered with serious discussions about cannabis use, the industry and the future on cannabis consumption.

The radio is located at The Hemp Club in Affori, Milano - the biggest cannabis consumer club in Italy!

to listen to the conversation, just click the link. or, click the logo to tune in to Cannabeat radio.
Hemp or cannabis tincture_edited.jpg

Join our test group! 

This invite is only open to members of The Hemp Club in Milan with a valid medical license.


We're looking for willing users who'd like to try our cannabis extraction in different methods and give us a feedback. We will supply you with 4 samples to be consumed as drops, with food or drinks and with an a small medical inhaler.

Interested? fill in the questionnaire and send it to

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The extract market is shooting to the stars!


where is the general market heading?


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