Changing the way we consume cannabis

Del-C is introducing the world's first water-based cannabis extraction machine. Get an activated and ready-to-consume emulsion within minutes.
No more smoke, telling smells and judging looks - at a press of a button.


Janet, mid 30, chronic migrane

I had the extract with some juice in the early evening before going out. I can't drink alcohol because of my condition, but I didn't even feel the need! I partied all night!

Lin, early 40s, suffers from nerve damage

Since I started using the inhaler with your extract, my life changed. It's easily to maintain the pain without getting high. Also, it's completely innocent-looking so I can use it anywhere and anytime.

Basketball Player on Wheelchair

Mauro, 30s, amputee following a car accident

What do our test users think?
names and faces changed for privacy reasons

We've been trying the extracts made by the machine with the help of a group of medical cannabis users.

Samples were used with food, as drops and with a cold inhaler. 

Happy woman
Professional Man

I always lived a healthy life and i really dislike smoking. The extract drops are doing a great job managing the pain and don't give me the numb feeling in my mouth and nose that the pharmacy oils did.

How does it work?

Del-C's Spice machine is meant for simple daily use.

The user fills a reusable capsule with his favorite strain of cannabis. The capsule can contain up to 1 gram of grounded herbs. 
The user places the capsule in the machine, adds our patented solvent ampoule, presses the button and waits. 

In a few minutes, the cannabis is decarboxylated, then extracted and refined.

Image by Stefan Rodriguez

why should you pay attention to extracts?



The extract market is shooting to the stars!


where is the general market heading?


Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction guide to safe use of extracts

Talking cannabis extraction with Cannabeat radio! 

I am honored and thankful to Cannabeat radio in Milan for hosting me and giving me the stage to discuss cannabis extraction. broadcasts fun reggae music peppered with serious discussions about cannabis use, the industry and the future on cannabis consumption.

The radio is located at The Hemp Club in Affori, Milano - the biggest cannabis consumer club in Italy!

to listen to the conversation, just click the link. or, click the logo to tune in to Cannabeat radio.
Hemp or cannabis tincture_edited.jpg

Join our test group! 

This invite is only open to members of The Hemp Club in Milan with a valid medical license.


We're looking for willing users who'd like to try our cannabis extraction in different methods and give us a feedback. We will supply you with 4 samples to be consumed as drops, with food or drinks and with an a small medical inhaler.

Interested? fill in the questionnaire and send it to

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